This castle dates back to the 15th century. It was turned in a fortified farm in the 16th century. This stronghold was turned into a luscious chateau in 1820. The castle gives an idea of the life in the 19th century. In the beautiful park grow many imported rare trees.
The first Lord of Bouwel in 1487 was Huibrecht Brant. After a few generations of this family the castle would change hands several times by sales. The families Biel, Schotti and van Rozendael owned the castle throughout the years. In the 18th century the castle was property of the De Witte family. The daughter of Jan De Witte married Knight Jan De Bosschaert. In the mean time it was Jan's uncle Joannes Simon de Heuvel who inhabited the castle. After the death of Joannes the domain was sold in 1789 to Petrus Josephus de Bosschaert.
The castle is still private property but can be viewed from the public road