Hulgenrode goes just like castle Selsaeten that is also located in the town of Wommelgem back to the 12th century. The domain was since the 12th century in the hands of the Dassa family. In the year 1600 the castle was in the hands of Johanna de Wasservas spouse of Knight Thomas Hutter. Karel van Heetvelde, Mord of Eeckvelde and Hulkenrode erects a castle Hulgenrode in 1620. When he dies in 1625 the castle goes to his daughter. The castle change hands many times in the next couple of centuries. Antoon Spruyt-Matzerath becomes owner in 1890 and he enlarged the domain and restores the castle. The castle and its rich interior gets severely damaged during WWI. The next owner M. Mommens rebuilds the castle like we can see it now in 1920. A fire destroys the main hall in 1946. Right now the castle and domain is used as a children paradise where in the summer thousands of children enjoy themselves in the domain.