What is now the city hall of the town Aartselaar was once a fortified castle that was built before 1480. After a long period of sieges, turbulent times and occupations the castle came property of Jacobus Wolffaert in 1559. He would give his name to the castle. The castle was used for the past few hundred years as a presbytery. The town of Aartselaar bought the castle in 1819 and used it again as the presbytery. The city council wanted to demolish the castle in 1938 because it was too expensive to maintain but pastor Robert Verrept was able to stop these plans. December 28th , 1944 was a black day in the history of the building when a VI bomb exploded in the garden of the castle damaging the building severely. It was declared uninhabitable but again pastor Verrept started a crusade to safe the building. In August 1946 the castle became a protected monument. In 1950 the castle was dismantled completely and rebuild with the original materials in its original state. It became the city hall in 1952.