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This castle ruin dates back to the 11th century when it was no more than a small square shaped fortress. Documents from 1192 tell that Wauthtier de Wiltz Beaufort was the first Lord of the castle. The Lords of Orley became owners through marriage in 1348. They enlarged the castle significantly. Johann von Orley Beaufort committed treason and the castle was given to Bernard vol Velbrück in 1539. He on his turned enlarged the castle. His granddaughter married Gaspard de Heu he was part of the Dutch resistance and so the Spaniards captured him and he was convicted for heresy and treason and publicly executed in 1593. The Spaniards gave the castle to Peter Ernst Graf Von Mansfeld, Governor of Luxembourg. The castle changed hands a couple of times and its last owner Jean Théodore Baron de Tornaco-Vervoy abandoned the castle in 1781. It fell into disrepair and was even used as a quarry in the 19th century. Luckily it became a national monument in 1850 Edmund Linkels cleared the ruin in 1928 and opened the medieval castle to visitors.

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