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This fairy tale castle is the work of Baron Etienne van Zuylen. The middle age castle of his ancestors was nothing more than a ruin until Etienne married Helene de Rothschild. Helene was enormously wealthy and so Etienne contacted architect Cuypers and gave him the order to rebuild the castle of his family. The new castle however became much more than what the middle age castle ever was. Cuypers created an amazing castle where English neo gothic in combination with lots of imagination resulted into a lavish building. For example the castle has 30 bathrooms. De Haar became not so much a museum of history but more a museum of the Baron's exuberant romantic conception of history.
If you are ever in the area of Utrecht then go visit this amazing castle. It looks not only amazing from the outside but also the inside is much more than you could ever dream of. Every hour a guided tour starts at the main entrance.
(The middle pictures is scanned from a postcard)