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The castle dates back to the 14th century when the Berhouts van Berlaer become owners of the domain in 1314. At the end of the 14th century they start with building the castle. In 1549 the castle is destroyed by a fire but the then owners the family de Cortenbachs restore the house and throughout the years they do the necessary modifications to make the castle more comfortable. Although Princess Cecile van Gonzaga-Mantua who was married to Edmond van Cortenbach found it a kind of depressing to live there. The daughter of Cecile and Edmond, Countess Arberg-Valegnin made some baroque alternations but those were removed again in 1920. The Arbergs sold the castle in 1781 to the Master of the Mint Carel-Fredrick Wesselman whose family would inhabit the castle until 1919. They sell the castle to the town and they turn it into the town hall in 1923. In 1982 it was turned into a museum. You can find the castle in the center of the town of Helmond.