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The history of this castles starts around 1250 when a first fortification was built. Nothing of this first castle is left beside the foundations. The Hoen family built a second castle in the year 1360. The big round keep that we still can admire now is the only thing left of this old fortification. The walls of the keep are three meter thick. The original battlements on top of the keep were replaced in the 17th century by the roof we can see now. The out buildings on the baileys were added in the 17th century. In the year 1717 the medieval part of the castle collapsed. Soon restorations started and the castle we still can admire now was erected on the foundations of the old stronghold. The Hoen family was a powerful family who were always roaming in high political ranks. The family stayed in their castle until 1796. When the family left the castle was abandoned and fell into decay. The castle was in 1927 sold to the foundation 'Ave Rex Christi. They restored the castle. Another restoration was done in the 1980's. This big moated castle is a must to visit when you are in the area. It had the impressive medieval keep to discover and the rest of the castle is also worth a visit.