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Castle Mersch dates back to the 13th century when Knight Theodoric erected the stronghold. The Burgundians besieged and burnt down the castle. In 1574 it was transformed in a comfortable dwelling by Paul Von der Veltz. The keep got large windows and a curtain wall with seven towers was built. In 1603 the castle was destroyed again by the Dutch. The castle and village were neglected during the thirty years war. Johan-Friedrich von Elter buys the castle around the year 1700 and he repairs the chateau again. In 1898 the Sonnenberg-Reinach family sells the castle to businessman Schwartz Hallinger. Around 1930 restoration works were carried out by M. Uhres. The village bought the castle in 1957 and sold it to the Stae in 1960. Substantial renovation work was carried out and the castle houses now the administrative services of the commune