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The first castle in Sanem was mentioned during the 13th century. Originally it was a typical medieval fortified castle complete with and moat and keep. The French besieged the castle in the 1550's and seriously damage the building. Frédéric de Hagen-Fleckenstein reconstruct the castle in 1567. Placing the new castle around a rectangular courtyard. The old square-shaped tower dating back to the castle's early origins remained as part of the new complex. The castle is built in the Renaissance style inspired by Italian architecture from the last half of the 15th century. In the 17th century, the castle was burnt, rebuilt and occupied by the Polish troops of the imperial army.[2] In 1753, Arnold-François von Daun, baron de Tornaco, bought the castle and moved in with great ceremony. Victor de Tornaco who became prime minister of Luxembourg in 1860 was one of its more famous occupants. The castle remained in the hands of the barons of Tornaco until 1950. The property is now an orphanage and children's home.