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The medieval stronghold of d'Useldagne stands in the middle of the town with the same name. The castle dates back to the 12th century when the Lordship of Useldagne was created. The d'Useldagne family died out in the middle of the 13th century. Jean de Rodemacher becomes the new Lord of Useldagne in 1415 by marriage with Irmgard de Boulay. Maximiliam I confiscates the castle in 1479 gives it to Christopher of Baden. During the war between France abd Burgundy the castle is damaged seriously. William of Nassau – Vianden inherits the castle and sells it to Francois Sébastien Bauer of Everlange in 1674. The castle keep decaying and the chapel collapse in 1903. The American Kuhn-Wolff buys the ruin and start to consolidate it in 1934. His family builds a modern building on part of the ruins. This building is now the town hall. The castle is now property of the State of Luxembourg and more consolidation works are being done.