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The year is 1115 and the castle of Valkenburg is not more than a heavy keep built by Gosewijn I. The keep was on a strategic location on top of a hill. The German Empire had the tower completely demolished.
The year was 1160 and Gosewijn II built a new and more heavy keep. This keep had a diameter of 15 meter and the walls were 2 meters thick. The outbuildings didn't differ much from the first version.
On the foot of the hill a small town started to emerge that is called Valkenburg. In 1250 there was a third keep, what happened to the second keep is not known. Other buildings appeared also and the first defensive walls were built. A first knight Hal was built and more and more curtain walls appeared. It was in this period that the infamous Walram de Rosse was castle lord.
The complete castle of Valkenburg as you can see it here on the left is reconstructed after a drawing of Jacob van Deventer from 1550. For centuries the impressive castle dominated the area. In 1672 the castle got destroyed and was never rebuilt. What is left are the ruins you can still admire now… the lost glory of the mighty castle of Valkenburg.
When you are visiting the castle then do not forget to also visit the manmade caves that are under the castle and discover the secret passageways that lead from the castle to the caves.